Welcome Michelle of Tranquil Kneads, Massage Therapist

While Michelle is fun-loving and totally down to earth, she is completely professional in her client/practitioner relationships. Michelle believes massage and bodywork to be both an art and a science and she has a great love of anatomy & movement.

“Professional Massage therapy makes my clients feel better through not only due to my massage skills, but also because I listen. Sometimes, that helps people heal just by getting things off their chest. Add to that my awesome ninja barefoot massage skills, and people say it’s a winning combination.”

Before obtaining her license from the Ohio Medical Board in 2011, Michelle took a slew of continued education to expand her skill sets. Before starting practice in 2011, Michelle was already well trained in Ashiatsu, Ashi-Thai, Pregnancy Massage, and Bamboo Massage, as well as doing relaxation massage since 2008. Then she moved to Florida in 2015 and obtained her license here in 2016, where she continues to give her very best of her 11 years of experience.

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