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Welcome to my website, ZoricaAndrew .com

I am a licensed Esthetician in Pompano Beach and Fort Lauderdale with over 20 years as a skincare specialist. Attended school at the Boca Academy as full skincare specialist, licensed in 1997, using all Dermalogica products. My goal is to provide my clients a relaxing experience, giving them the best results to their skin possible!


    • Customized Facials with Dermalogica Products, I am certified in many of their skincare classes offered only to professional licensed estheticians, since 1997.
    • Certified in Microdermabrasion since 1998.
    • Certified in Aromatherapy. Since 2001
    • Specialize in Acne Facials and extractions – I use lancet for deep acne.
    • Certified in Glycolic Facials By Dermalogica (plant base non acid)
    • Certified in HyrdaFacials Since 2011
    • Facial Radio Frequency – generates new collagen and elastin. The overall result is a tighter, brighter skin appearance with a significant reduction of wrinkles and sagging skin, with immediate results after your first session. Heat energy stimulates the epidermal, deep skin tissue, causing the subcutaneous tissue to tighten.
    • Cavitation Treatments – 40Khz Ultrasound waves can produce a liquid implosion effect in fat cells. Results are in reshaping the skin through different functions
    • Best Eyebrow shaping in Pompano Beach and fort Lauderdale using wax .
    • Massage Therapy certified since 1998
    • Cupping Massage by Amanda certified 2011
    • Buy Dermalogica Products, and other holistic and healthy products at our location

    500 Cypress Road unit #4
    Pompano Beach Fl 33060

    Treating your Skin and Making YOU Shine Makes ME Happy! We hope to see you soon!


10 thoughts on “Welcome to Zorica Skin Care

  1. Zorica is the best. She makes the experience very relaxing and makes you want to come back every week. I’d recommend her to anyone.

  2. It is very relaxing and My skin is very clear and smooth, and I love the peel and the microdermabrasion. She makes you feel very special and takes very good care of my skin . I have recommended several of my family members to become her clients because I feel she is the best!

  3. I have known Zorica for years. She takes care of my skin and eyebrows. I trust only Zorica with my eyebrows and she is aware of how sensitive my skin is. Zorica is also an exceptionally nice person. She will always find time for me when I need her. Zorica helps me find the right products for my very sensitive skin.

  4. I’ve been going to Zorica for 6 months now and my skin has never looked better. I am very pleased with the results. She will make you feel comfortable and relaxed so you can enjoy the treatment.

  5. I was quite pleased with Zorica’s technique and skill level. She did a ton of extraction which is precisely what I requested, and furthermore the products she applied did not cause my skin to break out. I have recommended her to all of my friends and family.

  6. I’ve been going to Zorica for my facials for 3 years now. She’s the best. I always feel relaxed during the experience and extremely fresh after it. I would recommend her to anyone.
    Try her out and I know you’ll feel the same.

  7. I really love this lady!
    Zorica, thank you so much for your amazing work! My face, my skin looks and feels so beautiful! The best skin care specialist for sure!

  8. Zorica is amazing. Since I have been getting facials from here my skin has never looked better. She really cares and wants you to look your best.

  9. I’ve been using Zorica for 12 years and can’t imagine letting anyone else touch my skin.
    She does a fantastic job and is always making helpful suggestions.
    Love the products too!

  10. I don’t know about you, but I strive for my skin to have that glowing-from-within look! When it comes to my face, Zorica is the only person for the job! I have extremely sensitive skin that sometimes get irritated. Zorica knows exactly how to handle it without stripping my skin of its natural oils, and at the same time cleanses out my pores, rids dead skin cells and maintains hydration. Creating a flawless, youthful face is something that every woman strives for! If you’re concerned about your skin, whether you suffer from acne and dry patches, anti-aging remedies or you’re simply looking for a self-care moment, your best bet for a glowing complexion is to work with Zorica!! There was no turning back for me after I discovered the love, dedication and passion that Zorica has!

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