Dermalogica Products:
Every Dermalogica product is researched by:
The¬†International Dermal Institute, and available for purchase from qualified skincare professional’s worldwide.
A tailored Dermalogica regimen for every skin concern.
*MediBac Clearing- Line for adult acne
*Ultra Calming –
*Clear Start- Medicated Formulas for Teen Acne
*Age Smart- Control skin aging
*Power Bright TRX- Treat, control and prevent hyperpigmentation for brighter skin.
Great way to start a regimen Dermalogica  Kits Starting at $40 you will see results in the month of use.

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Tend Skin: $20.00
For unsightly Razor Bumps, INGROWN HAIRS and Razor Burn.
For Men and Women

We have a assortment of wellness products in our Office.
Nano Greens – vegetable & Fruit Superfood – $49.99
Stockton Aloe1 100% Pure Fresh Frozen Raw Aloe Vera Gel. Discover the healing potential of ALOE ! for more information go to
Youth -Derm Ultra Healing & Anti-Aging Aloe Cream $29.99
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